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In this day and age with the quick shifts in trends, one needs to stay updated regularly; and what better place to identify and implement these latest fashion and beauty trends than Dubai - a place which is the perfect blend of eastern and western fashion and provides the best possible opportunity for research and development. Amour et Bliss brings you the finest quality makeup, while keeping in mind, the basics to the latest trends.

Introducing Amour et Bliss – the high quality, luxury makeup brand for women, that has been carefully designed for all skin-types. We understand the love our skin needs, thus all products have been meticulously formulated using the finest ingredients.

All Amour et Bliss makeup products are dermatologist tested, free from harmful chemicals, free from animal ingredients and 100 per cent cruelty free. Look out for our vast range of products: Matte/Glossy Lipsticks, Liquid and Powder Highlighters, Shimmer Eye Shadows, Highlighter Stick, Setting Powders and Body Foundation.

Amour et Bliss is easily available all over Pakistan. You can buy Amour et Bliss makeup directly from the brand itself!